Advertising strategy and planning are key to business success. You simply waste money by not having a strategic plan. Ideally we would all be able to be everywhere our potential clients are looking. Unfortunately all budgets have limitations and not all media, even social and online media, is good for all campaigns. Negotiating and choosing effective media is a specialty of Kerr Advertising. Creating well thought out campaigns that meet client goals and maximize budgets is as important to us as it is to you.


We’ve been working on some great branding projects. Brand audits, location branding and overall branding campaigns. So many companies think branding is a marketing department problem and that the fix is advertising. The truth is branding is a top to bottom internal process. Your brand is what you project to your potential customer. It’s not what you think you are but what your customer thinks you are. A brand audit will help refine your internal processes, attitude, and image and then craft the external advertising, marketing and physical location attributes that will best reflect who you are.


Kerr Advertising has been behind some really great award winning creative in the Vermont market. Television and radio are our specialties. Creative direction, copy writing, and producing are in-house skills. We collaborate with local production sources and designers for creating our final product. We make a point of not doing our creative in a vacuum. We will always balance creative cost with effective media placement so that your advertising message reaches your audience. Because there is no point in having the most interesting ad ever produced if nobody ever sees it.