What you get

At Kerr Advertising, you’ll work directly with senior level talent. You can expect smart thinking from start to finish and creative solutions at every turn. We’re not busy with our own office politics, trying to recoup the fabulous designer chairs in the multi-media boardroom, the employee parking privileges or premium office space. Our time and effort is spent concentrating on you.Once you see the lengths we’ll go in meeting deadlines, understanding your wants and needs, breaking through clutter and maximizing budgets, you’ll understand the beauty of the approach. And if and when your needs are more specialized, we have the relationships to pull together individuals with exactly what you’re looking for. From the beginning, Kerr Advertising has been a collaborative agency. Working with other independent professionals to provide a full service experience for our customers. With so many talented independent professionals calling Vermont home, why would we do it any other way?

Who you talk to

Nilda Kerr, a native Vermonter, came home and opened Kerr Advertising in 2002 after 10 years of experience and a position as VP and COO of a top Baltimore Agency. Since then, the agency has developed a strong reputation for cutting edge creative, strategic media and advertising planning, and effective brand execution. Having been in the business for over 20 years, Nilda has navigated the challenges of a variety of industries with all kinds of budgets in markets all over the country. She has hands on experience working with clients ranging from company start-ups to teams in the National Football League to some of Vermont’s most well-known institutions.


P.O. Box 5249 Burlington, Vermont